Meet Pam

Becoming an SAP partner

Hi, I am Pam and I have been with SAP for the last 15 years in various roles and different business units.

Now the time has come to take my next career step outside of SAP and I will leave the company to join an SAP partner. I am based in Newtown Square, US.

💌 Leaving SAP: the last day

SAP has been my longest employer so far - I was with SAP for 15 years, it was more than just a company to me. I had developed a strong network of colleagues and friends here. Deciding to take on another job outside of SAP was a great next career step for me, but emotionally it was not easy. When handing in my badge I felt I was not part of the community anymore. I got invited to join the Alumni platform, but it seemed like a consolation prize or a pro-forma step. I registered a couple of months later, after I got over the feeling of being on the outside.