Meet Sundar

Development Specialist at SAP Technology & Innovation

Hi, I am Sundar and I work in the Technology & Innovation area as a Development Specialist.

I am based in Bangalore, India. I worked at an SAP partner for several years, always hearing good things about working at SAP. So while I was looking for new opportunities, I decided to give it a go and consider working at SAP.

📬 Getting feedback during job application process

I applied for a job I was really excited about. I felt the interview went well and the hiring manager promised to decide and get back to me at the end of the week. After 10 long days of waiting for a response, and checking my emails every few minutes, I still had not received an answer.

When I reached out to the hiring manager, he did not take the time to give me feedback, but just said "no, sorry, we decided on someone else”. I felt discouraged and very disappointed. Not only because I did not get the job, but also, because the manager did not appreciate me during the process.

Eventually, I applied again for a similar position and this time, I got accepted.

🎒Starting at SAP on the first day

When I arrived at SAP for my first day, I was provided with technical equipment and then was asked to take an online training course.

The content was good, but I felt lonely. No one to ask my questions to, or to get connected with. I was not even sure if the people in the same office area were from my team. It took me a little while to start feeling connected and getting to know more people from my team. Also, I was new to the company and there was so much basic information I needed, like how to find the nearest printer, how to order new equipment. I felt embarrassed asking all these simple questions again and again.

A few years later, I changed to a new role within SAP and I had a completely different first day experience. All new colleagues who started with me in that location had a joint onboarding session. I am still in contact with many of these colleagues today.