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Collaboration for a digitally 
enabled global workforce.

Human connection, digitally enabled.

The way we work has changed. We work increasingly more flexible, independently and remote. Now travel bans and quarantine policies are disrupting our working world even more:

Conferences are cancelled, important workshops postponed and teams are forced into remote work.

How might we help remote teams to continue to stay productive and collaborate creatively?

Digital Faciliation
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With our Digital Facilitation services, we support your online meetings, creative workshops or innovation processes to become an impactful experience and enable you and your team to become digital facilitators yourselves.


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Fast Track

2-hours video consultation call with one of our experts
Basic onboarding to digital collaboration and facilitation
Problem solving for your challenge
Digital Tools
Digital Etiquette
Facilitation Upskilling

up to



Customised project support for your challenge: remote team work, agile processes or virtual design sprints
Moderation of your workshops by our experienced digital facilitators
Training formats for in-house coaches to become digital facilitators
Digital Workshop-Design
Digital Facilitation Training
Expert Moderation / Facilitation


conference size

Scale it

Customised support for your conference and high-scale formats
Scalable experience designs for your remote event
Moderation and/or facilitation by our team of experienced digital facilitators
Remote Conferences
Digital Experience Design

Backed by years of digital experience.

We mastered the art of digital facilitation through several consulting projects in the last six years for global organisations like SAP and WWF and have experienced the positive impact of this new way of working.

We want to enable you to do the same and create energy, participation and motivation with groups online.

We put together a guide + checklists as a foundation for digital facilitation. You can Download it for free.

Office SituationZoom ScreenshotSAP Case SummaryWWF Case Summary

Digital Facilitation Guide

We put together a guide with checklists as a foundation for digital facilitation to download for free.

Intraprenör Culture Book
Intraprenör Culture Book
Intraprenör Culture Book
Intraprenör Culture Book
Intraprenör Culture Book
Intraprenör Culture BookIntraprenör Culture BookIntraprenör Culture BookIntraprenör Culture BookIntraprenör Culture Book

5 Reasons to embrace digital facilitation

Get more people on board

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With digital facilitation, you can include more people on a global scale and therefore increase employee participation & engagement for your project.

Eliminate travel expenses
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Research shows that you can Reduce your costs per workshop by over 15% through eliminated travel expenses.

Stop busy work
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Typically, a lot of work goes into the documentation of a workshop. Through digital tools, you are reporting while you are facilitating - and saving yourself time and resources.

Run more effective meetings
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Yes, digital meetings are more challenging to faciliate - but once you are enabled to do it, meetings are more focused, more productive and overall more effective due to frameworks and clear expectations.

Save the World
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By traveling less, you are taking an active role in reducing your carbon footprint. Well done!

Carsten Meier